Intrepid Leadership Consulting is a collaborative partnership addressing individual and organisational leadership development needs. We believe that supporting leaders of the future is a strategic imperative.

Now must be the time to put people at the heart of sustainable, human-centred change.

We create customised end-to-end learning interventions which stick and effect real change.

Our work together will be collaborative, customised, experiential, outcome-driven, inclusive and purpose-led.

We partner with honesty, integrity and transparency.

Intrepid Leadership Consulting is an international end-to-end consultancy, focused on your needs, approach, culture, experience and structure.

We are expert diagnosticians and learning professionals (both traditional and non-traditional), skilled at analysing and meeting learning needs, able to flex and adapt at speed.

To ensure agility and impact, we have a global network of traditional and non-traditional educators, coaches, partners and experiences.

This ensures we only bring the right people, at the right price to the right place.

What We Do

Intrepid Leadership Consulting works in a collaborative and partnership based approach. We work with our clients to do all, or a selection of, the following areas:

  • Diagnostics and needs analysis

  • Procurement led proposal writing and response

  • Design, development and delivery of end-to-end multi-phase blended experiential learning interventions

  • Just-in time learning interventions and bespoke webinars

  • Integrated and bespoke experiential learning interventions

  • Mentoring & coaching for individuals, groups and teams

  • Customised consultancy engagements

  • Developing and advising organisations on the best way to manage Requests for Proposals (RFPs) from external training/development providers

  • Developing and organising targeted series of short, engaging, high impact learning interventions, often delivered virtually

We have experience of partnering with customers on all continents and in over 40 countries around the world. Significant industry experience includes: Accountancy, extraction, engineering, finance, FMCG, insurance, media & advertising, mining, oil & gas, pharmaceutical and telecommunications.

Diagnostics and Outcome Led Solutions

We believe that the best foundations for any solution is by identifying, agreeing and committing to the desired outcomes we wish to address, work is accountable and becomes measurable. Robust learning outcomes form the spine of any intervention, allowing accountability and the potential for measurable return-on-investment.

Outcomes are established through our rigorous diagnostics process which encompasses our main client, senior stakeholders, sponsors, prospective participants, their managers & direct reports (and ideally customers).

We will work with you to identify the learning and development outcomes, ensuring they are tangible and measurable. The outcomes are established through rigorous diagnostics and then ‘stress-tested’ against company values, culture and perceived need, obtaining stakeholder buy-in and support along the way.

Agile and Networked

Intrepid Leadership Consulting does not have full time faculty to support. This approach gives us the freedom to recommend the best people for the role, at a price that meets your budget, often in or close to your location.

This flexibility allows us to respond quickly, expertly and cost effectively, while still on a global scale. In many cases, it makes great business sense to maximise the effectiveness of our combined network – yours and ours – to ensure that the right people at the right price deliver your content. A networked approach, committed to your outcomes is what we offer combined with consistency of delivery, global scale and local context – a ‘glocal’ approach.

Customised & Experiential

Intrepid Leadership Consulting believes that each engagement – virtual, face-to-face or blended – should be approached with an open mind and fresh perspective.

Our customised methodology is designed to meet your needs precisely. We do not offer standard packages and will invest significant time getting to know you and understanding your needs before we suggest potential solutions. Founded on strong diagnostics and outcome led, your customised solution will meet your precise needs.

Our approach is not ‘chalk-and-talk’. It is highly experiential in nature and ensures that learning happens in participant & organisational context, culture and need. Experiential can mean many things, and our network probably has someone within it to meet each and every one of those …. from horse-whispering to forum-theatre; from real-play to creating a choir. These are ‘games’ – they are metaphoric experiences which allow participants to ‘learn while doing’ – the strength & learning comes from the experience, the depth of the debrief and what we take back to work to apply differently.


Collaboration and co-creation are at the very heart of our approach. It is only by listening and partnering with you from the start that we can achieve long term change – individual and organisational.

We actively encourage you, our client, to be involved at all stages of the design, development and delivery – harnessing the inspirational power of your internal leadership.


We are generous with our time, knowledge and expertise. It is our commitment that if we believe there is an expert better suited to your organisation and needs, then we will tell you and make an introduction.

We operate with integrity and have built great relationships with our clients and our network as a result.

Our Partners

We believe the best way to address your needs is through the development of a strong partnership built on trust and collaboration, helping you to achieve your objectives.

In addition to access to a global network of facilitators, coaches, subject matter experts, non-traditional educators and others, we have partnerships with a number of specialist organisation. This enables us to support you in achieving the best end-to-end and successful learning intervention.

This partnership approach allows us to be true to our vision of agility to always meet and exceed client needs, whilst being able to deliver expertise with global capability.

Jonathan Besser - Managing Consultant

Jonathan is a highly experienced learning and development expert, designer, diagnostician, coach, mentor and facilitator. Jonathan has worked with clients for the last 15 years across a wide range of industries including engineering, finance, FMCG, insurance, media & advertising, mining, oil & gas, pharmaceutical and telecommunications, in virtual, face-to-face and blended formats. Jonathan established Intrepid Leadership Consulting in 2015 and is its Managing Consultant.

During his career Jonathan has worked with market-leading business schools and consultancies around the world, providing world-class leadership development interventions. He has been involved in all aspects of client work, including business development, programme design, development and delivery. He lives in London with his wife Olivia, daughters Charlotte and Alice, and Phoebe the Cockerpoo.

T: 07801 541 655



“A hands on approach to creating world class leadership development….nuanced in programme design and understanding stakeholder needs to create impactful learning solutions ” – Director Group Leadership, Manufacturing industry

“Co-creative approach which ensures the business needs are understood and put at the forefront of the design” – Head of Leadership & Inclusion, Global Healthcare industry

“Here to make you and your company successful …….. truly collaborative approach which was a professional partnership from the outset” –Global Talent Director, Financial Services industry

“A first class partner who invests time to really understand business needs and to ask the right challenging questions to get to the heart of the matter” – Director of Global Learning & Leadership, Global FMCG industry

“Someone who takes the time to ensure outcomes are understood and the role ‘I’ will play in this success …. Builds a learning intervention around his client needs and ensures the right faculty are delivering in a well prepared and collaborative manner”  – Education partners and member of global network

“A deep understanding of client needs well and is able to create and design programmes collaboratively with clients and educators …. A deep design expertise which contributes to, and doesn’t interfere with, expert knowledge” – Director of Learning, Global Pharmaceutical industry

“Jonathan did an amazing job in the three-days training course. He was able to maintain our motivation for the long sessions by means of his attitude, guidance, excellent coaching! Really made it an energizing course! Thank you very much!” – Participant, Management Consulting Firm

“Great facilitation! Would love to have Jonathan facilitating more trainings for me” – Participant, Global Accountancy Partnership

“Born Leader, Great Results and Gets the most of people …. trusts his team and colleagues, providing guidance but not micro-management along the way … partners with colleagues and clients collaboratively’ – various clients and colleagues